The Rack | Seastar Teleflex NFB

The Rack | Seastar Teleflex NFB

Seastar | Teleflex NFB Rack (Single System)

The easy-to-sell, easy-to-install upgrade to the most popular Rack and Pinion steering system in boating. SeaStar Solutions® has applied its patented No FeedBack technology to the incredible precision of a rack and pinion system, and engineered-in serious advances in steering comfort and control. And — it’s a drop-in replacement for SeaStar Solutions® “The Rack”.

APPLICATIONS NFB Rack single-cable systems are suitable for most single-station boats with a single non-power-assisted outboard engine up to V-6 and minimal engine flutter or steering instability. NFB Rack accepts wheels up to 16” diameter.

New Back Mount design means easy installation; helm & cable are installed as a unit from behind dash and replace standard SeaStar Solutions® rack steering without dash modifications.

• Patented NFB (No FeedBack™) helm
• Precise feel of 4 turns from lock-to-lock.
• Minimal clutch free play.
• Standard 3/4” round tapered steering wheel shaft.
• Stainless steel cable output ends.
• Fast, easy installation.
• Kits include: cable, helm, 90° bezel and hardware.
• Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
• Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

SS-151: 11' | 12' | 13' | 14' | 15' | 16' | 18' | 20'

SS-152: 12' | 13' | 14' | 15' | 16'

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