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  1. Power Sply 120vac Dec
    SKU: DM275438
    Power sply 120vac dec 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  2. 500w Xenon Dec S/lt
    SKU: DM275435
    500w xenon dec s/lt 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  3. Control Stn Indoor Mstr
    SKU: DM275441
    Control stn indoor mstr 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  4. Power Sply Xnon 120/1/60
    SKU: DM275405
    Power sply xnon 120/1/60 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  5. Control Stn Xenon 500w
    SKU: DM275328
    Control stn xenon 500w 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  6. S/lt Xenon 15" 500w 70"c
    SKU: DM275304
    S/lt xenon 15" 500w 70"c 500watt xenon arc searchlight
  7. S/light 15" Whl/ctr 24"x
    SKU: DM274655
    S/light 15" whl/ctr 24"x 15 searchlight with medium…
  8. S/light 12" Lvr/ctr 18"x
    SKU: DM274631
    S/light 12" lvr/ctr 18"x 12 searchlight with medium…
  9. S/light 12" Whl/ctr 24"x
    SKU: DM274605
    S/light 12" whl/ctr 24"x 12 searchlight with medium…
  10. S/light 12" Whl/ctr 6"x
    SKU: DM274592
    S/light 12" whl/ctr 6"x 12 searchlight with medium prefocus…
  11. S/light 10" Whl/ctr 12"x
    SKU: DM274542
    S/light 10" whl/ctr 12"x 10 searchlight with 2-pin prefocus…
  12. S/light 10" Lvr/ctr 18"x
    SKU: DM274489
    S/light 10" lvr/ctr 18"x 10 searchlight with 2-pin prefocus…
  13. Lever Gear Assembly
    SKU: DM273981
    Lever gear assembly lever gear assembly
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13 Items

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